MSGRPCS- A game and a story

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Thirdly, we now have some awesome back ground for you so enjoy….


Just last year, in Universal Century 0087, the Earthsphere saw itself rearranged in ways not seen since the One Year War of 0079. A corrupt and weakened Earth Federation was about to allow its military to be taken over by the Titans-a private army created by the Federation itself to sniff and snuff out rebellious actions taking place in Earth’s colonies in space. The Titans had shown to be doing more harm than good, so certain people in the colonies organized the Anti-Earth Union Group (AEUG) as a defensive measure. Conflict erupted, and the Titans felt it necessary to take over the very Earth Federation Forces that had created them. It seemed as though neither side was getting anywhere in the conflict, although small victories kept morale going for both sides. Then, right as things escallated in space again, a large force appeared in the Earthsphere from the Asteroid Belt: Axis Zeon, created from the last surviving remnants of the old Principality of Zeon-the very faction that justified the formation of the Titans in the first place. With some unwitting help from these Zeon remnants, AEUG was able to wipe out the Titans, but at a great price. The AEUG fleet was significantly damaged, and many of its best pilots were lost. The Earth Federation Forces, which had been in the process of being taken over by the Titans, was left in disarray and chaos. Axis Zeon had conveniently pulled away in time to allow the other two sides to destroy each other, thus opening the way for them to pick up where the Principality of Zeon had left off during the One Year War and take over the Earthsphere.

It is now UC 0088. Axis Zeon has returned as Neo Zeon, and they are more than just one remnant fleet from the Asteroid Belt. Both the AEUG Fleet and the Earth Federation Forces are in the process of reorganizing themselves, and both factions are still leery of each other. The stage seems set for Neo Zeon to roll over the weakened defenders of those who still feel the gravity of Earth…or is it?

The answer will be determined by you, the player. Which side will you choose? What decisions will you make? Will you help to remake the Earth Federation Forces that have defended you for so long? Will you look to AEUG and their hope for a bright future well grounded in innovative technology? Or will you stride in alongside the vengeful and well-established Neo Zeon? Or will you be fair game to all of them? It’s completely up to you and your primary weapon: the mobile suit, a giant humanoid vehicle capable of a variety of combat situations. Each side has different mobile suits, old and new, with some reaching back to even the One Year War and some about to be put into production in the next month. The decisions you make affect the destiny of the entire Earthsphere as well as your own, but your destiny is best decided based on your performance in combat. The best intentions and decisions that are made politically are worth nothing if you end up as another piece of space junk…


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