'Chan Harimaro: The quiet Mechanic........of Death!


‘Chan Harimaro Engineer Rank 1 Londo Bell Special Task Force, Rank: Ensign HP:

Str 12 +1 Dex 14 +2 Tou 11 +0 Int 16 +3 Wis 19 +4 Cha 9 -1

Saves: Mental +6 = +4(Wis) +2(Spec) +1(inset) +1 (Heroic Mod.) Body +1 = +0(Tou) +0(Spec) +1 (HM) Dodge +3 = +2(Dex) +0(Spec) +1 (HM)


Name Attribute Total Break Down
Mechanics Wis
Maintainance Wis
Creation Wis
Computer Systems Int
Piloting Wis
Concentration Tou
Tactics, Per. Wis
Mass Tactics Char
Knowledge: Int - -
__MS Int
__Colony Int
__Physics Int
__Natural World Int
__Organizations Int
__History Int
__Demolitions Wis
Profession - - -
__(Mechanic/Inventor) Int

Uruchi Harimaro was a barely competent engineer; the fact that he ever had a son came as a shock, particularly to him. The prodigal son was abandoned into his care, and he grew up detached from humans but surrounded by the machines.

He was four when he built his first machine; at eight, he built his first remote controlled fighter, and at 12 his own mobile suit. When he was eighteen, his fame became enough that he could get off the rock he was born on, on his own ship. Only after a few weeks of freedom, he was picked up by the Earth Federation’s Londo Bell Task Force, who quickly set him to work in the mobile suit bay of the Ra Calium. Seeking whatever experiences he could find, he accepted his new job as it gave him plenty of opportunity to work on his own experimental mobile suits.

The first of these, is a theoretical modified version of Paptimus Scirocco’s The-O. The-P (as ‘Chan is considering naming it) would be a machine just as massive as the original and with just as much armor and maneuverability, but with a few modifications that increased its overall energy output and made it easier to operate for a normal human. Soon after designing this, he was assigned a position as a Londo Bell pilot. His first mission begins soon…

‘Chan Harimaro is a short natural human with short, buzzed red hair, intelligent green eyes, and a small, almost unused mouth. His best feature is his hands: small and delicate, like a master pianist, they are fast and precise. He is most often seen wearing a green pilot suit and mechanic’s full tool set. If he has to wear formal, it will be green in order to compliment his eyes, and at all times conceals a small engineer’s kit on his person including a cut beam, a power wrench, and a compactor reciprocator. Also, in accordance with Earth Federation regulations (but against his will), when off base he is forced to wear a sidearm (that he is barely able to use).

Besides crazy bodgering, misanthropy, mechanical, systems, computer and electrical skills, he has dabbled heavily into demolitions and prides himself on being able to blast through most doors with a minimum of fuss. His greatest dream is to see his first completed MS overhaul: The-O Custom. He has also received, as a gift, the remains of the famed Shenlong Gundam. With great glee he is hoping to bring it back up to functioning condition, with his personal touches of course. Finally, after looking extensively at the “planet defensors” of the Mercurius and the Vayeate’s beam cannon, he has (as a purely mental exercise) formulated a weapon/defense system for slower units, but at the moment it is far too heavy and would have to be held by the MS like a giant, 40 meter tower shield.

Besides his usual business and work, his misanthropy shows; he has very little human contact. The only exception to this rule is the man who got him his private hanger on Side 6 and keeps him supplied with the materials needed for his various projects: Lieutenant Amuro Ray.

Uruchi Harimaro was a thoughtful man, and spent a great deal of time over the naming of his son. Thus, it is a worthwhile and thoughtful one with grave appropriateness to a character hook. However, due to the fact that ‘Chan so rarely speaks, to anyone, means they had to come up with some sort of name for him. Since the asteroid colony that he was born on was originally filled by the Asian Empires, they still use the honorifics system for names there. Thus, when the others didn’t have a name for the mysterious prodigy, they simply called him the generic honorific: ‘Chan.