Game Concepts and Basics

Game Mechanics The basic concept in MSGRPCS, like any other games, has to have a way of resolving conflict and dispute as well as arbitrating Fate, Luck, Chance, etc. In this system, we use dice to do this. To this we apply modifiers and adjustments or penalties to cover various forces and factors such as skill, personal luck, and other outside influences that are appropriate to the situation.

The most basic mechanic there fore, is the D20. When there is a event with an unsure out come, you will most likely be rolling one of these dies, modifying the result as instructed by the epicist and other factors, in order to get a total.
Core Mechanic:
  • +/- relevant modifiers = Total*

The Epicist will take your Total, compare it the appropriate number and then tell you the Result. The Result is the consequences of an action taken, and is usually measured in vary degrees of Success or Failure.

The other most common time you will be rolling dice is for dealing damage in combat, once you have successfully attacked a target, you deal damage to it based on the weapon or situation or your own characters skill, etc. In this instance, you will most likely be rolling various numbers of D6’s, but certain weapons and other situations will call for other dice.

Game Concepts and Basics