Warning! This Section is still under heavy Construction!

This is the Rules Section of MSGRPGS!

This section, the HOME PAGE, will act a table of contents to all the various rules. Like an actual RPG book, it will discuss the aspects of the game in a logical order that make sense for first time readers/players. But, because it’s a wiki, you can also use the links to jump around to find specific instance of the rules more quickly and efficiently!

So with out further ado, the Rules of MSGRPCS!


Just what is a Role-Playing Combat system? Answers to that question and more like it are here!

2.Game Concepts and Basics

Explanation of the basic Mechanic and the check.

Creating a Character


The various differences between the types of humans that inhabit the universe. Also includes where each lives and their histories.


Each pilot has training in a specialization and this chapter explains it all.


The tricks of the trade your character is trained in and picks up are explained here.


Special abilities and skills or nifty knacks your character has picked up that allow you to do things others could never dream of.


Equipping your human with every thing they can get there hands on is vital to a successful mission.


How your character grows in prestige and experience and what to do when you gain that shiny new rank.


1.Gundam Basics

The basics of a Mobile Suit, the slang, the technical specs, and some history just to get you acclimated.

2.Gundam Models

The Compendium of Gundam! Quite the feat of duty, if I do say so myself. Also comes with an explanation of each aspect and Gundam Systems.

3.Gundam Customization

The best of the great heroes do it. How can you irk the most from your machine, here it is in all the detailed glory.


1.Human Combat

How Humans resolve physical violence.

2.Mobile Suit Combat

The Combat part of MSGRPCS!

MSGRPCS Glossary

For searching for those random terms.